Information on upcoming roadwork

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Hi Neighbors,

In an effort to provide you with as much information as possible, we have been in communication with the contractor company selected by the Highway Department – this is the company who is set to perform the upcoming roadwork. At the end of this post you will find a link to the tentative sequence of streets receiving the work (there are streets both within and outside of the neighborhood on the document). The project is slated to begin in Royal Run this Friday (August 12th) – but all work is weather dependent. Please be aware that roads will be closed during this time. You may notice a lane to each section entrance being kept open – this is for homeowners to EXIT the section, NOT to allow people to enter the section. The company advised that the material is applied in a slurry form; driving on the wet material may transfer it to your vehicle, much like driving on a freshly painted road line.

Starting Thursday August 11th, there will be representatives from the company going door to door around the hours of 2pm to 6pm to notify homeowners of the upcoming roadwork for the following day. Example – work in Royal Run is scheduled to begin on Friday; homeowners on those streets should be notified on Thursday that their streets are scheduled for Friday. This pre-day notification system will continue until completion of the project.

One of the biggest issues the paving company will face is vehicles parked on the roadway. The paving company (along with the County highway department) has advised us that if they find a vehicle parked in a street that is to be closed, that they will first attempt to locate the vehicle owner – if this fails, they will attempt to locate an address for the owner of the vehicle and will have the vehicle towed into that driveway. If they are unable to locate the vehicle owner OR address of the owner, they will have the vehicle towed away.

The paving company expects the project to last 12-13 days for the streets in Royal Run, but again – this timeline is weather dependent. They also advised that once the project is complete the road will look good for a few days, but then the road will start to change and for a while won’t look as clean. After approximately 3-4 weeks they will send a street sweeper around the neighborhood and the road should once again look good. This is due to the material used and the way it cures.

The paving company has asked that homeowners attempt to avoid turning their steering wheel on the new material while their vehicle is sitting still. They advised this will leave power steering marks from the wheels turning on one point of the new material; this is also hard on tires.

The paving company will have a crew going around in the morning closing roads, and in the evening re-opening the roads. This will be the same crew that is going to be going door to door speaking with homeowners, leaving hang-tags and placing no parking signs on upcoming roads.

The tentative schedule/sequence can be found here: There are no actual dates on this schedule due to possible weather delays. Day 2 of the schedule is when the paving company will start in Royal Run, and again that should be this Friday, August 12th. The project will create two weeks of headaches for our neighborhood, just remember to stay positive and patient – it won’t last long.

Thank You,
RR HOA Board