A message from the Pavement Company

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Hi all,

The board received some more communication from Pavement Solutions, Inc., and we wanted to relay it to everyone – please see the message below:

Good Morning to all.

We are on schedule for Day #2. Which is our first day in the Royal Run Subdivision.

Sally, from Zionsville Schools, and I went over bus routes yesterday. Hopefully through patience and continued communication parents and students will be disrupted as little as possible.

I know many of you are wondering, why this project was not completed while school was out for the summer. Our material, whether it is Slurry Seal or Micro-surfacing, is an Asphalt Emulsion (meaning the asphalt is blended with water) this allows us to work the asphalt at ambient temperatures (it is not hot). We also add water to be able to mix and apply the material evenly. Our season is only six months long; on a good year. Schools have now mostly gone to a “flex” calendar in Indiana, which has reduced the summer break to only 2 months. As you can see, someone has to have work completed while school is in session. We hope to make this as painless as possible, and with your patience and understanding, we believe we can progress thru this project smoothly.

Also, trash day in Royal Run is Wednesday. Please have your containers out early. We will be contacting Ray’s Trash to inform them of our project and ask that they be in and out of the subdivision prior to us commencing work that day.

On another note; please refrain from twisting tires as you enter and exit your driveways (power steering marks) meaning always try to be rolling as you turn for the first day or so after your street has been surfaced. Although these marks will roll in over time, if we can avoid them in the beginning, it will make for a much nicer looking project.

Also, if your street is scheduled for surfacing and you are parking on an adjacent street so that you have access to your vehicle, please do not park near the corners or directly across from the street entrance. Our equipment is fairly large and we require room at the ends of the street to maneuver.

Have a Great Day!
Chris A. Oakes
Pavement Solutions, Inc.

A reminder also to everyone that the tentative schedule/sequence of roads being worked on can be found here: http://royalrun.org/files/RRMicrosurfaceSchedule.pdf