Royal Run Pool Season 2017 – Important Information

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Hi all, this Saturday May 27th is opening day for the Royal Run pool season (the season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day; closing day is September 4th).  Pool hours run 10 am to 8 pm daily.  Our pool operations are being overseen by Pyle’s Pools – a Pyle’s lifeguard must be present for anyone to be inside the pool gate. 

Reminder that you need a valid pool card to access the pool, and you must be current on your neighborhood dues for your pool card to be active.  If you are missing your card, the replacement cost is $20 – you may contact our community manager Joe Overton ([email protected]) to request a new one.

We wanted to share with everyone the pool guidelines and rules – most are the same as previously with just a couple of changes which are broken out:

New this year (4 items)

*Lane dividers for lap swimming – at the first and last hour of the day, Monday-Friday.  The lifeguard will be putting out at least one (more if deemed needed) lane divider between 10 am and 11 am, and one between 7pm and 8pm on the west side of the pool to help facilitate those who want to swim some laps.

*Adult swim / lifeguard break time – same as previous years in that from the :45 minute to the :00 there is a 15 minute break where the lifeguard will blow the whistle to have anyone under age 18 leave the pool (any 18 and older who remain in the pool agree to do so at their own risk) – the difference in this year is that the lifeguards are also asking that no one remain sitting on the edge of the pool with feet in, and in fact stay beyond/outside the bricks around the edge of the pool, until the whistle is blown again to re-enter the pool.

*Usage of baby pool – we are asking as a guideline that the baby pool only be used by children the height of the fence or less (with the exception being older siblings/helpers for those young children).   The baby pool is not meant to be a place for all the older kids to go during the 15 minute break from the big pool, especially in that there is no lifeguard supervision at any point in time on the baby pool.  Parents – we ask for your assistance in helping your kids keep to this guideline, as well as the above stated new adult swim guideline of staying off the bricks. 

*Cabana / lost and found – the cabana next to the pool is going to be closed to pool visitors and only to be accessed by Pyle’s staff and the lifeguards.  In previous years the lost and found was held inside here – we now instead are going to have totes and/or a large chest outside the entry where items left behind at the pool will be stored (pool toys and the like).  If you find something like a wallet, car keys, or pool pass – please turn those in to a lifeguard versus putting in the chest; a lifeguard will assist in searching for lost items of this sort stored inside the cabana versus pool visitors walking around the chemicals and equipment. 

General reminders

*WiFi – you may connect to WiFi at the pool by joining SSID rrclubhouse and password:  rrpoolisgr8

*Age restrictions – minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older.  Children in the wading pool area must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian who remains inside the fenced wading pool area.

*Pool pass card – one member of each family party must have the access card in their possession at the pool.   A general reminder to everyone that you should feel empowered to NOT let someone in the pool gate if they are asking to be let in – the lifeguards also are instructed to not open the gate for anyone who does not have a pass.  Likewise, if a lifeguard sees someone opening the gate repeatedly for people, the lifeguard has permission and authority to ask that person to leave the pool.

*Glass and Trash – there is absolutely no glass allowed within the pool premises, and you must pick up your own trash.

*Clubhouse – there is no access to the clubhouse from the pool or vice versa.  The clubhouse is for private rental and not generally accessible by pool guests, and likewise the pool is not accessible for groups during the time they are participating in clubhouse rentals. 

*Behavior – Disruptive and dangerous behavior is not permitted, including running, horseplay, dunking, and splashing of others not within your group.  Foul and abusive language is strictly prohibited.  Larger pool items (rafts etc) are discouraged and lifeguard may ask you to remove if they pose any impairment to safety visibility.   Heavier non-pool objects (full size footballs etc) are strongly discouraged and may be confiscated by lifeguard if used inappropriately.  

*Lifeguards have final authority – The lifeguards have authority to ask for any activity to be ceased, and authority to ask anyone to leave the premises.   Because the lifeguards have the full authority, we ask that everyone work through the lifeguards and support the lifeguards when there are concerns, versus taking matters into one’s own hands.

*Contact info for Pyle’s – Pyle’s pools will have a contact sheet posted in the window of the cabana with a number to call  if there are concerns with staff or issues with staff not being present at pool opening time.

Thanks all – the final reminder is to HAVE FUN in our pool this summer – all these rules exist for the safety of everyone so that we can all have a great time!  We look forward to seeing you there!