RR Pool Status and Modified Rules for COVID-19

Current Operating Status: CLOSED

Planned Season Start Date: Saturday, May 29th (Memorial Weekend)

Special Rules

*To help promote continued physical distancing and less surfaces requiring cleaning, some of the pool furniture will be removed for the season. More or all may potentially be removed if capacity becomes an issue.

*Capacity and sanitation requirements will be managed by Aquatics Management, the RR Pool vendor.

*While Boone County remains at a ‘blue‘ COVID status, 100% capacity will be in place at the pool. Non-blue will reintroduce 50% or less capacity requirements, and also will reintroduce procedural controls to limit capacity.

*The pool may be closed again temporarily if compliance issues with capacity emerge, or if Indiana reverts to a COVID-19 phase restricting pool usage.

*A sanitation station will be made available on pool deck premises with hand sanitizer for all patrons to use.

*Pool toys are not prohibited, but are encouraged to be few in quantity brought/used. Lifeguards may ask the removal of any pool toy at any time.