Royal Run Pool Information

The Royal Run Pool season runs from the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend in May through the Monday of Labor Day Weekend in September. Daily hours are 10am – 8pm. The pool will only be open if the air temperature is above 70 degrees

Current Pool Status: Open 10am – 8pm

A working pool card is required to enter the Royal Run pool – if you have lost yours from last year, or have moved in since last season and did not receive one, you can get a replacement for $30.00.  Please contact CASI Customer Service at [email protected] or by phone at 317-875-5600 to get a new one issued.   Pool cards can only be issued to homeowners – if you are a renter, you must have the owner of your home obtain a card on your behalf.  A reminder also that pool cards will only be active if the balance on the home’s HOA dues account is $0.  Please check with CASI Customer Service or review the home’s account on TownSq to confirm a $0 balance.

Pool Rules will be posted at the pool.  Please review them and remember that the lifeguards ALWAYS have final authority over the pool.  Residents, including adults, are required to comply with the lifeguard’s enforcement of the rules.  Any homeowners that do not comply with the lifeguard or show disrespect to the lifeguard will be asked to the leave the pool immediately and may lose pool privileges for the remainder of the summer.  If you have concerns to report about the pool, or to report any issues that you observe, please send an email to [email protected].